Recruitment Introduction

Supervisor/Manager of Mass Spectrometry


1. Responsible for the development, verification and transfer of analytical methods for ADC antibody-coupling drugs and other biological products, including but not limited to protein concentration determination, SEC determination, RP analysis, DAR value determination, related impurity determination, free small molecule content determination, etc.;

2. Responsible for the structural characterization of biological macromolecules, including but not limited to molecular weight, coupling site analysis, peptide spectrum analysis, glycotype analysis, etc.;

3. Complete R&D sample testing according to GMP or non-GMP requirements;

4. Responsible for the stability research of biological macromolecules;

5. Responsible for drafting analysis method documents and conducting training;

6. Responsible for laboratory management and maintenance of the equipment used.



1. Master degree or above in analytical chemistry, biochemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmacy, etc., more than 3 years of experience in antibody and other biological macromolecule drug analysis;

2. Be able to complete the development, verification and transfer of analysis methods related to biological macromolecules and drugs, and master the use of liquid chromatograph, LC-MS, enzyme label instrument and other related analysis equipment;

3. Able to independently consult literature, design experimental schemes, conduct reasonable analysis and interpretation of data, and be able to write original records and sort out declaration materials;

4. Familiar with relevant regulations and guiding principles (FDA, ICH, etc.) and pharmacopoeia requirements of various countries, such as drug development process, IND declaration, cGMP production analysis;

5. Good teamwork and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility.

Chemical Synthesis Researcher


1. Engaged in the synthesis and development of small molecule innovative drugs, including compound route design and synthesis, literature and patent review and interpretation, and problem solving;

2. Independently design the synthesis route of target molecules and the rapid synthesis, separation and purification of compounds, as well as structural analysis and identification to solve chemical synthesis problems;

3. Make a timely summary of the work and the next stage of the work plan, timely identify and report the problems in the work;

4. Provide complete experimental records and synthesis reports, responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of data, experimental records and related materials, timely sorting and archiving.


1. Major in organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, bachelor degree or above;

2. Solid professional knowledge/rich synthesis experience, ADC drug small molecule synthesis experience is preferred;

3. Be hard-working

Chemical synthesis Assistant researcher


1. Responsible for the synthesis and purification of new compounds in the project, including literature search, experimental record writing, and operation and arrangement of patented compounds.

2. Be familiar with and master the laboratory safety standards, and correctly operate various instruments and equipment.

3. Actively cooperate with the communication and cooperation between departments and projects, and complete the relevant work of project declaration.

4. Complete other tasks assigned by the leader.


1. Bachelor degree, major in chemistry, pharmacy, etc., 1-3 years of work experience.

2. Basic organic chemistry experiment skills, basic understanding of various analytical techniques (HPLC, GC, NMR, MS, etc.), skilled in searching and using various chemical literature in both Chinese and English.

3. Have good personal quality, team spirit and communication skills.

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