Adcoris made its appearance at the 2023 World ADC Conference
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From October 16 to 19 (Pacific Time), the 14th World ADC Conference was held in San Diego, USA. Adcoris was invited to participate. Dr. Zhenwei Miao, chief advisor, made a keynote speech at the conference;and Ms. Laura Guo, chief business officer, introduced two innovative ADC drugs developed by our company in the poster presentation. Adcoris made its first debut at an important international conference and received a great attention from the attendees.

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On October 16th, Dr. Zhenwei Miao, chief advisor of Adcoris, delivered an oral speech with the theme of "Design and Criteria of first-in-generation ADC" at the 1st Next Generation Conjugates session. The speech began with a question: "ADC 2.0 Era: How to build a new generation ADC criteria?". As an opening, it immediately attracted a lot of attention and discussion from the participants. Dr. Miao then cited the company's dual-payload ADC2202 as an example of how Adcoris defines the third-generation HER2 ADC with new criteria. Afterwards, Dr. Miao systematically introduced the company's ADC platform technology, new structure ADC, i.e., dual payload ADC and bispecific ADC, FIG (First-in-generation) ADC, and a rich product pipeline developed by Adcoris using these ADC technologies. The speech was closed by Q&A with the attendees’ great interest.

1.1 Technology Platform

Adcoris has established comprehensive technology platforms that can rapidly produce ADC or AXC. Our cutting-edge platform consists of three pillars: proprietary and highly active payloads (PHAPsTM), cleavable, flexible and stable linkers (CLEFSTM), and multifunctional site-specific conjugation (MuSCTM). It enables the development of homogeneous ADC and AXC products, in particular, dual payload and bispecific ADC and AXC.

1.1.1 PHAPsTM

Adcoris has developed a library of proprietary highly active payloads (PHAPsTM) with a variety of MOA including microtubule inhibitors, TOP1 isomerase inhibitors, DNA/RNA synthesis inhibitors, etc, which are druggable with good bystander effects and can be used as ADC payloads or as a combination in dual payload ADC or bispecific ADC.


1.1.2. CLEFSTM

Adcoris has developed a number of cleavable, flexible and stable linkers with intellectual property rights. They are characterized by the high stability of these linker's ADC in the vivo circulation system and specific payload release in the tumor microenvironment, thereby inhibiting tumor growth.


1.1.3. MuSCTM

Adcoris has mastered a highly efficient and game changer technology called multifunctional site-specific conjugation (MuSCTM). It is characterized by fixed-point, quantitative, multifunctional conjugation. A new generation of differentiated dual-payload ADC and bispecific ADC can be developed by using this technology to conjugate two payloads with synergy to the same antibody.

1.2. Pipeline

Since its incorporation two years ago, Adcoris has established a very rich product pipeline, including multiple global innovative ADC pipelines such as dual payload ADC, bispecific ADC, new targets and indications ADC, etc. It reflects Adcoris' strong technical strength.

Introduction of ADC2202, Adcoris’ first-in-generation dual payload ADC

ADC2202 is the first-in-generation dual payload ADC targeting low HER2, which will define the new standard of 3rd generation HER2 ADC. It utilizes the MuSCTM conjugation technology to connect two synergistic payloads at the fixed sites of the hinge location of a HER2 antibody.

2. Poster exhibition

From Oct 17th to 18th, Ms. Laura Guo, chief business officer , introduced two ADC products developed by Adcoris - ZV0203 (ADC2122) and ACR246 (ADC2154) in the poster presentation, which has attracted the attention of many participants. A number of MNC attendees showed strong interest in the two products, and made initial collaboration discussions with Ms. Guo.

2.1 Booth 31

"Phase1 study of ZV0203, a first in class pertuzumab ADC, in patients with HER2 positive advanced solid tumors."

ADC2122(ZV0203) is a FIC (first in class) pertuzumab ADC in the clinical development stage, using a pertuzumab (Perjeta) biosimilar antibody conjugated with a microtubule inhibitor DUO-5 (a Dolastatin 10 derivative) via a proteolytically cleavable valine-citruline dipeptide linker, with antibody-to-drug ratio (DAR) of 2. Pertuzumab is different from trastuzumab in that it binds to HER2 domain II, instead of IV for trastuzumab, and blocks not only homodimerization of HER2 itself, but also HER2 and EGFR, HER2 and HER3, HER2 and HER4 heterodimerization. Currently, ADC2122 has completed Phase I dose escalation up to 3.6mg/kg. No DLT (Dose Limiting Toxicity), and no SAE (Serious Adverse Event) or SUSAR (Suspected Unexpected Serious Adverse Reaction) were observed. Significant antitumor effects at both doses of 2.7mg/kg and 3.6mg/kg. ADC2122 is about to undergo phase Ib/IIa clinical expansion studies.

2.2 Booth 32

"Preclinical study of ACR246, a potentially first-launched innovative 5T4-ADC for treatment of 5T4 positive solid cancers."

ACR246 (ADC2154) is a potentially BIC (best in class) and the first ADC to be launched that targets 5T4 with a novel TOP1 inhibitor as its payload and with a stable and TME cleavable linker. 5T4 is an oncofetal antigen (also known as TPBG) that has high expression in many solid tumors, but no or limited expression in normal adult tissues. Therefore, ACR246 may have therapeutic benefits in a wide range of solid tumors. The efficacy of ACR246 in vivo studies significantly exceeded that of Dxd-ADC in all 7 tumor models tested. IND enabling application has been submitted and it is expected to initiate first in human clinical study in the first quarter of 2024.

As the largest international conference with significant impact in the ADC field, the World ADC Conference gathered nearly 1,000 researchers, clinical experts and business executives. Through this conference, Adcoris first time publicly debuted on the international stage, showcasing our technical strengths, first-in-generation products, and business model for co-development. Based on our cutting-edge ADC and AXC technology platform and strong product pipeline, Adcoris is well positioned to play a leading role in the era of next-generation antibody bioconjugate therapeutics, i.e., ADC and AXC. We look forward to collaborations with global partners to jointly accelerate the commercialization of the new generation of ADC products.