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Adcoris is a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on developing the next generation antibody drug conjugate (ADC) and antibody conjugate beyond cytotoxic payload (AXC) therapeutics to address the unmet needs in oncology and autoimmune disease. Our state-of-the-art proprietary technology platform is based on internally developed three pillars of ADC technologies: proprietary and highly active payloads (PHAP™); cleavable, flexible and stable linkers (CLEF™), multifunctional site-specific conjugation (MuSC™). We can accelerate the development of ADC and AXC from target to IND enabling within 15 months. We have built a robust product pipeline including first-in-class (FIC) and first-in-generation (FIG) ADC and AXC in various development stages. One ADC product has finished phase 1 clinical study with excellent safety and efficacy profiles. 3 FIC and 4 FIG products are in IND-enabling and preclinical candidate stage.

Adcoris was started by a group of highly experienced experts with rich experience in ADC, medicinal chemistry, biotechnology, pharmacology, management and business development. Adcoris is well positioned to play a leading role in the era of new generation antibody bioconjugate therapeutics, i.e., ADC and AXC.

For more information,please contact us at BD@adcoris.com.cn.

Corporate Culture


Innovation for better products and a better life


Pioneering the next generation bioconjugate technologies and therapeutics


Accountability Dedication Creativity




Seed fund closed


Angel round closed


Operation started


ADC2122 Ph I initiated


ADC/AXC platform established


Collaboration with Lunan Pharmaceuticals reached


ADC2154 IND filed

Management Team

Zhenwei Miao

Executive Advisor

Yunsheng Huang

VP of R&D

Laura Guo

Chief Business Officer

Ya Cai

VP of Manufacturing

Jing Li

Business Development Director

Yao Lu

Senior Director of Preclinical Research

Deliang Li

Senior Director of ADC Drug Research

Scientific Advisor

Bo Liu

Member of the Scientific Advisory Board