Technology Platform

New Generation ADC Platform

  • Our ADC technology platform enables the development of homogeneous ADC products, in particular, dual payload ADC and bispecific ADC.  

MuSC™(Multifunctional Site-specific Conjugation) is a comprehensive technology platform, enabling the development of typical ADC and new-structure ADC, i.e., dual payload ADC and bispecific ADC. 

New Generation AXC Platform

Antibody Immunomodulator Conjugate (AIC)

Based on our core portfolio of platform technologies, we have constructed several antibody immunomodulator conjugate (AIC) products and antibody-drug/ immunomodulator conjugate (ADIC) products in early development stage, in which antibody targets the tumor tissues and release payload to kill the tumor cell and/or immunomodulator to stimulate the autoimmune system and activate immune cells, such as T cells, dendritic cells, macrophages, etc. in the TME to kill the tumor cells with reduced side effects.

Antibody PROTAC Conjugate (APC)

By the same strategy, we have established a pipeline of antibody-PROTAC conjugates in which the antibody targets a tumor antigen, delivering and releasing the PROTAC molecules into the tumor cells. The PROTAC molecules mediate the targeted degradation of kinases, in particular, by a E3 ligase to eventually kill the tumor cells.

Antibody Oligonucleotide Conjugate (AOC)

Adcoris has extended its core platform technology into the AOC for the delivery of oligonucleotide drugs to the target tissues. AOC technology has great potential in the treatment of rare disease. We can leverage our MuSC™ platform and AOC technology to deliver siRNA or ASO into the targeted cells to silence the corresponding mRNA and block the translation.

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